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How To Become A USCCA Instructor In 3 Easy Steps

Ready to learn what it takes to be a USCCA Instructor? Here we will cover the 3 easy steps to becoming a USCCA Certified Instructor.

Before we jump into how to become a certified instructor, it is important to understand what it’s like to be a firearms instructor and what you can expect from this career.

Job overview of a Firearms Instructor

As a firearms instructor and specifically a Concealed Carry Instructor through the USCCA, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality training to students. This training includes Concealed Carry, Self-Defense, Emergency First-Aid, and more. You can choose to teach as a weekend job or become a full-time instructor working independently or at an established training facility.

There are multiple job opportunities as a Firearms Instructor with some starting at around $30 per hour. Chron, a business news outlet reported that Firearms Instructors at the range can make anywhere from $11 - $54 per hour depending on region and experience.

So you’re ready to get certified with the USCCA? Let’s get started on your 3 step process.

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Step 1: Complete basic checklist

While there are only a few true requirements to becoming a USCCA Certified Instructor, there are some basics that you should check off the list before starting your journey as a USCCA Instructor.

  • Obtain a Concealed Carry license if your state offers them [Highly Recommended]

  • Have prior experience and training in safely handling firearms

  • Have a clean record without any convicted felonies or dishonorable discharges from any United States Armed Forces

  • Familiarize yourself with the USCCA through their free articles, YouTube content, and memberships

  • Own gear and train regularly for self-defense

  • Be in good physical condition with no major health concerns so you can complete strenuous tasks without major difficulty

Step 2: Take your instructor certification course

In order to qualify as a USCCA Instructor, you need to pass the Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructors Course. This course is a 2-day, 16-hour class teaching the necessary skills to equip you for taking students through their USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense class. With this Instructor Certification course you will receive:

  • eLearning Module

  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense Toolkit

  • Instructor Certification

  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense Digital Course Materials Access

  • Instructor Dashboard to manage classes and take payment from students

Step 3: Get your instructor toolkit

Upon completion of your instructor's course, you will become a Certified Instructor for the USCCA allowing you to teach students the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense class which can be used to apply for a Concealed Carry License in most states including Illinois.

You will receive your certification and toolkit in the mail with resources to help you facilitate, teach, and promote classes to your own students. That’s it! You are now ready to start teaching highly effective classes with industry-leading materials through the USCCA.

Step 4 (optional): Apply as an Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

If you're like us and live in Illinois, you can take the additional steps to become a Concealed Carry Instructor through the Illinois State Police.

If you plan to teach classes in Illinois, you will likely need to take this step. This allows you to teach and certify concealed carry students in Illinois. Be sure to check your state's requirements and application as a Concealed Carry Instructor.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to start teaching students self-defense with proven techniques backed by the USCCA, you can get started in just 3 simple steps. Complete the basic checklist, take the instructor certification course, and receive your instructor toolkit.

If you’re in the Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin area, we suggest taking our highly rated USCCA Instructor Certification Course. Register for your Instructor Certification here.

If you’re ready to become certified but still have questions, reach out to us at Lightning Defense Academy for assistance.


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